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FUJICN Elevator

We engineer our elevators to meet your building’s mobility needs. Are you planning a residential, commercial, or public transportation building? From the highly standardized to the fully customized, our elevator solutions are perfect for new building projects and renovations.

Hige-Rise Elevator
After years of experience, FUJICN elevator has developed a stable and efficient high-speed elevator to meet the needs of modern cities.
Passenger Elevator
With advantages in saving floor areas and construction costs, the elevators are applicable to office buildings, hotels, and supermarkets.
Home Elevator
Our villa elevators are designed for a simple goal, which is to let you enjoy the warmth and love in the world in your exclusive villa.
Observation Elevator
FUJICN Observation elevator, start from design and succeed in science and technology.Enjoy blooming beauty in the city.
Hospital Elevator
FUJICN Hospital elevator, designed for hospital, medical office, rehabilitation center, nursing homes and other place.
Freight Elevator
FUJICN freight elevator takes low carbon environment protection as design concept. It saves energy and reduces loss.
Car Elevator
Car elevator is a special elevator to solve the problem of vertical transportation of automobile.
Escalator / Moving walk
With a new,stylish and creative design, it is quietly waiting in everycorner of the city in an elegant atmosphere.