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Residential elevator out of trouble, the property is responsible for the first time


According to statistics, Suzhou currently has more than 70 thousand elevators in operation. Since May this year, frequent accidents, the identification of responsibility is very difficult. Yesterday, the quality supervision department at the railway station held the elevator safety use knowledge popularization and emergency measures exercise. The reporter was informed that the "People's Republic of China special equipment safety law" will be officially implemented in January 1st next year, the property is the main residential elevator safety responsibility, if there is no residential property, from the street to the compensation.

"Many residents reflect, residential elevator bad property is not an accident but that I should like to repair, can not find the person responsible." Xing Dongsheng, director of the Ad Hoc Division of the Suzhou Bureau of quality supervision, said: "the more high-rise buildings in Suzhou are built, the more elevators are related to the safety of millions of households.". However, in real life, some property for less money, or to pay property fees to repair "as an excuse to delay or not but that I should like to repair the elevator, buried a huge security risk. And the existing laws and regulations, not clear the main responsibility for residential elevator safety, which also increased the difficulty of law enforcement personnel work.

However, the special equipment safety law will be formally implemented in January 1st next year, one of the highlights, is clearly the lift (a special equipment) belong to the common common people can entrust property service units or other managers, entrusted by the people to perform the use of units of the obligation, assume corresponding responsibility. "This means that the district elevator out of trouble, the property to be responsible for the first time."." Xing Dongsheng said that the property should be in advance compensation, if the accident identified as the quality of the elevator, the property to the elevator production units or other responsible units claims. No property of the District, the street should be paid in advance.

In addition to the clear responsibility for the main body, the new law for the first time, the use of substandard elevators will be severely punished. "Previously only ordered rectification, punishable by a fine of 20 thousand yuan."." Xing Dongsheng said that next year, offenders will be sentenced to more than 30 thousand yuan and 300 thousand yuan fine. Like residential property to shirk responsibility, not for the maintenance of the elevator, will also be punished.

The escalator "holds" the child. Just press the stop button"

National Day holiday approaching, Suzhou Railway Station and major shopping malls will usher in a large number of passenger flow. Yesterday, the Suzhou Quality Supervision Bureau in the railway station waiting hall carried out emergency measures to drill, simulate the situation where the children were stuck by the escalator and popularize the safe use of the escalator.

"The child is stuck by the escalator and the parents should press the emergency stop button for the first time."." Xing Dongsheng said, this button is red, located at both ends of the escalator. After the escalator has stopped running, the parents should find the staff in the place at the first time, and contact the elevator maintenance company by the staff. Reporters at the scene to see the simulation, professionals have special tools, you can quickly disassemble the escalator handrails, for the children out of trouble. "Parents or other people don't rush to help themselves." Xing Dongsheng said, "drag the elevator arm to save the child, but easy to cause two injuries.".

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